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Bethlen Gábor Secondary Vocational School of Transport and Economy

Our institution is located in a suburb of Budapest. It was built in the late1970-s among the other blocks-of-flats in a housing estate. We offer vocational training in two branches: Economics and Transport (Forwarding).

According to the chosen profession our students study not only „basic” subjects such as Mathematics, Hungarian Literature and Grammar, English, History, Biology, Chemistry, German, Geography, Physics etc but professional preliminary subjects as well.

The first two years of the vocatinal training is a kind of orientation: students learn the basics of the chosen profession which is followed by specialising and extending their knowlwedge in this field within the third and fourth years. In Hungary education is compulsory until the age of 18 so our students finish their studies by taking Matura Examination (a kind of GCSE).

5 years ago we got a possibility from the government to start a new type of training: it is called YILL. Students accepted for this course are given an extra year and learn the chosen language intensively. They have 13 English / German classes a week. As for the „general” curriculum they start their studies according to it a year later.

Unfortunately there has been a change in Hungary from the point of view of secondary education. We are not allowed to provide students vocational qualification any more. From the years of 2009/2010 only so called TISZK-s ( Vocational Training Centers) vave the right to organise professional courses , exams and give students a chance to get their vocational qualification (degree).